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Special Electric Motors

Special electric motors are used in special occasion. It is specially designed and used with asynchronous inverters. The motor can be operated under variable frequency power and is available in two types: with encoder and without encoder. Its constant torque is operated at 5-50Hz, constant power is running at 50-100Hz, stable and torque ripple is small. It can be equipped with a separate fan cooling unit to ensure better cooling at different speeds. It uses an encoder to make the motor start and control smoother.
The motor can directly drive the screw pump rod without the need of a reduction gear, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. At the same time, the oil well sealer moves to the top of the motor, making maintenance easier. The system is controlled by an intelligent variable frequency control cabinet with automatic heating and protection of freezing and automatic cooling. It protects against overheating and has over-torque protection.
This series of motors is suitable for fans, pumps, hydraulic stations, plastic machinery, paper machinery, rubber machinery that require low speed adjustment.
You can purchase high quality Special Electric Motors from Lijiu Machinery. We are one of great company about producing excellent motor system research and development. We are a professional factory to product Special Electric Motors. Welcome you to make contact with our manufacturers and suppliers.
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