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  • NEMA Cage Type Motors

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    NEMA Cage Type Motors

    NEMA Cage Type Motors conform to NEMA MG1 standard and adopt casting iron frames. The efficiency meets America NEMA EPACT standard. With Protection class IP54/IP55 and cast iron housing, the motors are dust proof and waterproof.Read More

  • Variable Frequency Synchronous Motor

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    Variable Frequency Synchronous Motor

    TYP series variable frequency synchronous motor is a specially designed frequency conversion stepless variable speed motor used with a synchronous frequency converter. It can be operated under variable frequency power source.Read More

  • NEMA Continuous Working Motor

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    NEMA Continuous Working Motor

    NEMA Premium, single speed, totally enclosed, fan-cooled, continuous working duty, low voltage cage type three phase induction premium efficiency Electric Motors conform to NEMA MG1 standard and the whole series adopt casting iron frames.Read More

  • Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor

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    Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor

    YCT Series Squirrel Cage Electromagnetic Adjustable Speed Motor is a simple and reliable constant torque step less variable speed motor. It consists of a squirrel cage induction motor, an electromagnetic coupling and a coupling.Read More

  • NEMA Casting Iron Motor

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    NEMA Casting Iron Motor

    NEMA Casting Iron Motor is a type of Squirrel Cage Three Phase Asynchronous motor. It conforms to NEMA MG1 design D standard. It has casting iron frame and fully enclosed fan cooled cage type structure.Read More

  • NEMA Self Cooled Motors

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    NEMA Self Cooled Motors

    NEMA Self Cooled Motors are a kind of totally closed cage type three phase induction electric motor. It features high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, high stalling torque, reliable operation, etc. It is suitable for driving a variety of machinery without special...Read More

  • Casting Structure Motor

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    Casting Structure Motor

    This Casting Structure Motor is a type of cage type three phase induction motor. It adopts sasting Structure with light weight and good stiffness. F-class insulation ensures excellent insulation performance, good mechanical strength and moisture-proof ability.Read More

  • IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor

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    IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor

    This IE3 Premium Efficiency Motor is a kind of low voltage cage type three phase induction motors with Premium Efficiency. This series of motors achieves the IE3 (Premium Efficiency) class energy efficiency rating of IEC00034-30: 2008 standard.Read More

  • High Starting Torque Motor

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    High Starting Torque Motor

    This High Starting Torque Motor is a pole-changing variable speed motor which change the motor speed through specially designed windings. It is composed of high starting torque multi-speed motor and control box.Read More

  • YKK High Voltage Motors

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    YKK High Voltage Motors

    YKK High Voltage Motor is a kind of three phase induction motor with steel plate welded cage structure. It features single speed, continuous working duty and high voltage.Read More

  • NEMA Variable Frequency Motor

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    NEMA Variable Frequency Motor

    NEMA Variable Frequency Motor is a type of Squirrel Cage Self Cooled motor. They conform to NEMA MG1 standard and the whole series adopt casting iron frames. The motor has passed America CC certification and Canada CSA certification.Read More

  • Injection Molding Machine Motor

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    Injection Molding Machine Motor

    Injection Molding Machine Motor is a three phase induction motor specially designed for injection molding machine. Its power ratings and mounting dimensions comply with IEC standards.Read More

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