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Power System Failures And Accidents
Feb 17, 2017

Single phase to short-circuit is refers to FireWire (any a phase electric) no after load directly and ground connected, in 380/220 power or other grounding system in the, due to transformer of neutral line is grounding of, and grounding resistance is small, FireWire (any a phase electric) no after load directly and ground connected, moments will produced is big of current, burn power line, and distribution equipment or trip,, so single phase to short-circuit is serious of accident, is power system as to avoid of.

In power system in the, has many place is with not grounding system power, like in dust serious, flammable easy burst, special site, we national all 6-10 kV, 35,000 v power,, used of are is neutral points not grounding or by big resistance grounding of power, such of system single phase to Hou, due to no loop or no produced big current of loop, no grounding current or no big of grounding current, so not effect system of normal run. Although it does not affect the normal operation of the system, but the single phase grounding fault is a fault, in order to guard against ground extended to two-phase grounding or earthing equipment further damage, following the single phase grounding fault of rules, within 2 hours to identify the cause, without reason or another cannot be processed within 2 hours, take power to the power supply.