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Domestic Special Electric Motors Market Capacity Can Be Introduced
Jun 22, 2017

In the face of economic globalization, the international Special Electric Motors market fierce competition and foreign high monopoly of the new situation, the state of China's national gas turbine industry is very important to the development of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology has been China's Special Electric Motors market development ideas and countermeasures into the " Second five "and long-term development plan, the heavy Special Electric Motors is the country's priority development of 10 major technical equipment. Is the focus of national equipment manufacturing industry development areas, especially the gas - steam combined cycle unit and the overall coal gasification - steam combined cycle unit. With China's energy demand is expected to grow rapidly as well as natural gas

Resources into the large-scale development and utilization stage, Special Electric Motors is forming a "explosive growth" of the market. By 2020, the national Special Electric Motors combined cycle installed capacity will reach 55 million kilowatts, is 50 years before 2000 has been built the same capacity of 25 times the same capacity. Conservative estimates, only in the oil one, the annual need for Special Electric Motors value reached 30 billion. By 2015, the domestic Special Electric Motors market capacity can reach 30 billion yuan, while the international market capacity can reach 270 billion yuan.

"China's Special Electric Motors industry market research and future trends in the future report (2015)" In the years of Special Electric Motors industry research on the basis of the combination of China's Special Electric Motors industry market development status, through a senior research team to sort out the Special Electric Motors market information , And relying on the authority of the state data resources and long-term market monitoring of the database, the Special Electric Motors industry conducted a comprehensive and detailed research and analysis.

"China's Special Electric Motors industry market research and future trends in the future report (2015)" can help investors to accurately grasp the Special Electric Motors industry market conditions for investors to invest in Special Electric Motors industry foreground prediction, mining Special Electric Motors industry investment value , At the same time put forward the Special Electric Motors industry investment strategy, marketing strategy and other aspects of the proposal.