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NEMA Standard Motor

NEMA Standard motors include NEMA B and NEMA D design motors.The NEMA three-phase asynchronous AC motor is a squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motor with single speed, continuous working load, low pressure and cast iron frame. It is completely enclosed and the fan is cooled. It meets the NEMA MG1 design D standard with a slip ratio ≥ 5%. Its starting torque is large. The full range of motors uses a cast iron frame. Its service factor is 1.15. In addition, the motor has passed the Canadian CSA certification.
It is less noisy than ordinary motors and has less electromagnetic vibration. It has better performance than ordinary motors in situations where frequent starts, frequent speed regulation and frequent braking are required. Class F insulation is used. The motor has good heat resistance, good impact resistance, insulation and long life, and can work in harsh environments.
It can be used to drive various mechanical equipment without special requirements. It is widely used in paper, biopharmaceutical, steel, marine, compressors, pumps and other transmission machinery in the cement industry.
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