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Electric motor
Feb 17, 2017

DC motor (DC Motor) of benefits for in control speed aspects compared simple, only must control voltage size has can control total speed, but this class motor should not be in high temperature, and flammable, environment Xia operation, and due to motor in the need to carbon brush as current transform device (Commutator) of parts (has brush motor), so need regularly cleanup carbon brush mill wipe by produced of dirt real. Brushless motors brushless motors, relative to the brush, brushless motor without carbon brush and shaft friction and therefore more power but also very quiet. Making more difficult, the price is higher. 

Exchange motor (AC Motor) is can in high temperature, and flammable, environment Xia operation, and without regularly cleanup carbon brush of dirt real, but in control speed Shang compared difficult, because control Exchange motor speed to control Exchange electric of frequency (or using induction motor, with increased internal resistance of way, in same Exchange electric of frequency Xia reduced motor speed), control its voltage only will effect motor of torque. General Civil motor voltage of 110V and 220V two, in industrial applications and 380V, 440V type.

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