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IEC Standard Motor

IEC Standard Motor includes IE2 motors, IE3 motors and IE4 motors.
IE2 high efficiency motor is a universal fully enclosed self-cooling constant speed squirrel cage three-phase asynchronous motor, which is an upgraded product of Y2 series motor. It has a rated voltage of 380V and a rated frequency of 50HZ. The Y connection method is adopted for 3KW and below, and the Δ connection method is adopted for 4KW and above. The motor efficiency index complies with the IE2 efficiency indicator of the IEC standard. It is a new generation of energy-saving motors. The iron core stamping plates of the stator and rotor are made of high magnetic permeability low loss cold rolled silicon steel sheets. The VPI vacuum pressure impregnation process makes the stator core and the winding a complete unit. The windings and insulation of the motor have good electrical and mechanical properties, moisture resistance and thermal stability. The insulation grade motor is Class F, and its temperature rise meets Class B requirements. The frame bearings are fully enclosed bearings with seals on both sides. Strict control of bearing assembly and part machining tolerances reduces vibration and noise.
The IE3 high efficiency motor is a high efficiency low voltage cage three phase induction motor. This series of motors meets the IE3 energy efficiency rating of the IEC00034-30:2008 standard. The series of motors have reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, high efficiency and low noise. The motor has Class F insulation and Class B temperature rise to ensure motor life and reliability.
The IE4 motor has the versatility of single speed, self-cooling and continuous operation. It uses advanced foreign technology, domestic top new materials and new processes. Its mounting dimensions and power ratings are in accordance with IEC standards. The motor has compact structure, small size, light weight, reliable operation, firm structure and beautiful appearance.
IE2 motor It is suitable for driving various mechanical equipment without special requirements. IE3 motors are widely used to drive a wide range of general machinery and equipment such as fans, pumps, machine tools, compressors and conveyors. They can also be used in the petroleum, chemical, steel and other harsh environments. IE4 motor.
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